An Equip Class

“Ministering to Others”

Join Pastor Elizabeth Prestwood for 4 nights of teaching on how we minister to others.

Love God. Love people. It's our mission. Our calling as a body. The DNA woven into our church family. But how do we minister that love to others in our ministry to them? Especially the people God brings through our doors?

Through several hours of teaching, she will walk us through learning how to minister effectively to others.

In these classes you will learn:

* how we pray for people in an encouraging way

* how we direct a person's faith connection to God

* how we direct the anointing when we're ministering

* understanding the power of compassion and how to minister out of it

* knowing what you're responsible for in ministering to others and what your'e not responsible for

* following the leading of the Holy Spirit while ministering

* hearing a word that may seem negative and turn it to the positive

* how to have faith for someone when they have none

* how to walk with someone with a terminal diagnosis
Classes held Tuesday nights beginning July 16, 6:30-8.

Childcare is provided!