Pathpoint's Senior and Junior High (grades 6-12) Student Ministry


Connect Middle School, for grades 6th-8th, meets Sunday mornings at 11:00AM in PFC’s North Auditorium.

Connect High School meets Wednesday nights at 6:30PM in PFC’s North Auditorium.


Our Student Ministry Team is dedicated to partnering with you to help you build a strong family full of faith and the love of God. We are all about making your student's church experience a time full of fun, excitement and the truth of God's goodness.

At Connect, we commit to grounding all our Pathpoint students in five key principles and experiences that will empower them to fulfill their God-given destiny:

  1. A really BIG God they can trust no matter what happens

  2. Someone else who believes what they believe

  3. Another voice saying the same things as their parents

  4. Uncommon sense to help them make wise choices

  5. Parents who know where their kids are spiritually

Each week, our Student Ministry Team will care for your student, build relationship—and do everything they can to teach faith and demonstrate passion for the amazing God we serve.


The driving force behind Connect is that we help our senior high students connect to God and experience Him. We do that by:

  1. Staying relevant.

  2. Sharing messages they can relate to.

  3. Having fun!

  4. Creating an environment where they can build relationships with other students who love God and are passionate about Him.