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Our Children's Ministry Team is dedicated to partnering with you to help you build a strong family full of faith and the love of God. We are all about making your child's church experience a time full of fun, excitement and the truth of God's goodness.

The vision of Pathpoint Kids is wrapped up into 3 simple words: KNOW, GROW, and FLOW. These words are very important to us, and are further defined as follows:

KNOW: we desire to see children KNOW Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior by the time they are 6 years of age.
GROW: we desire to see children GROW in their personal relationship with Jesus; making it their own through personal prayer, Bible reading, and water baptism by the time they are in the 3rd Grade.
FLOW: we desire to see children FLOW in their God-given gifts and talents by their 5th Grade year. We also desire to see children graduating the 5th Grade FLOW smoothly into the Youth Ministry of Pathpoint Fellowship.

Each week, our Children's Ministry Team will care for your child, build relationship—and do everything they can to teach faith and demonstrate passion for the amazing God we serve.

A Win-Win
In short, your child's church experience will include the FUN they want…and the love and spiritual nurture you care about.

Keeping It Safe
We use a computer check-in system with AN assigned number for children—and parents.
We require "background checks" for every Children's Ministry Team Member, and we regularly train Children's Ministry Team Members in safety and childcare procedures.