In 1999, Scott and Missy—along with their sons Zachary, Quenten and Gabriel—moved to Amarillo, Texas, and started this church. Their vision was to bring the hope of the gospel to West Texas, by helping people find God’s path for their lives.

Born and raised in the Southwest, Scott was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit by age 6. The son of a pastor, Scott used his talents for the Lord, which included singing and leading worship by age 13. As a teenager, Scott realized God's call on his life, and in 1979, attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He later moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and began working at Kenneth Copeland Ministries—doing everything from singing at conventions, to producing his own album, to overseeing the television department. It was at Kenneth Copeland Ministries that Scott and Missy met, and eventually married in 1984.

Missy was 11 when she began her walk with the Lord. What started with a decision to serve God became a lifelong passion. With a love for God's people and a desire to help them come up to God's higher way of life, Missy's goal is for people to apply God's wisdoms for life…and experience His overwhelming blessings.

This passion was ignited at age 13, when Missy began working at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. As Gloria Copeland's youngest sister, Missy started with the simplest of jobs, but ended her 20 years of service as Marketing and Publications Director—overseeing the production of the Believer's Voice of Victory monthly magazine, new product development and the purchasing of all airtime for the BVOV international TV broadcast.

In August 1999, Scott and Missy celebrated their first service of the church in Amarillo, and by God's clear direction are showing the people the "right path" which is relationship with God. With more than 1500 people born again and countless lives changed, Pathpoint is all about bringing God and people together.